Laoyang: "Sentiment Colors And Others"--Preface 



Usually, for a display or a picture album, few well-known critic would be invited to make  the management words or the preface, to demonstrate the importance of the artist, to prove  the work fulled of content. Some people use to mix in the artistic world, they like to watch what someone is doing and saying carefully and give him or her a big hand, the one would not  be a stuff if he or she lacks famous help on the back.


If invite a famous reviewer to write the foreword, it is said must take a few Yuan on it,  according to the economic condition, Lao Yang has no money to pay truly. Without the money,  it is hardly to the viewer to read the LaoYang's splendor, caused Lao Yang to be short many  enticements, it is a regret.



On the other side, if spend money, the viewer see it is only a polite talk, or see a talk  with technical expression piled up like a evil which is difficult to understand, that must  be said “insult the both of our personality and our intelligence quotient!"



Dose it need comment while the work shows the reality there? The people close to the art  truly, do they need others to teach them how to understand the work?





The Lao Yang had not traced the paint brush for more than 10 years, lacks the understanding  on the artistic world, he does not know about what is the present popular at all. It was July,2006, he started to draw ,he spends less than 3or 4 hours on the painting everyday.


Lao yang throws himself to the art toughly and produces his works hardly. He never hopes  much praise on his exhibition. But he is happy when he made many products. He like to say  “Congratulation!”


Last year in a display, some people asked Lao Yang, "What do you do?" He said "Contemporary  art." "I never see your earthshaking mark, how dare you to say playing present age plays?"


Lao Yang got angry thereupon, "Are you blind, Lao Yang‘s mark had impenetrated among the  all works?"



I guessed that was Lao Yang's signature, everyone can see,.  It is "The present age!" to paint own cognitive thing, express own thinking with own color,  This truth is greatly wrong to many people, to me, it is really.



Some people say that, Lao Yang also has mark, his mark is woman. I tell you, that is not a  mark, is the main body! Lao Yang pictures woman, because he thinks the men are not handsome,  they are inane and dirtier, is unworthy to be shown. Perhaps some people can ponder then  tell you, that probably is a driving force too.  


Some people also said that, Lao Yang's mark is sex. Fuck, that is not a mark, is the main body... Is there any reason which can compete with art? All shut up, listened to Lao Yang  to say!



Lao Yang is the one plays "the present age".



Lao Yang does not draw the millennium pine and thousands years cloud ,he has no feeling on  those far away from the people the son far thing -therefore that is the present age.Lao Yang dose not consider academic, he thinks there are only several ways on painting when the paintbrush is dipped with the pigment mounts on the world , how want to draw how to draw.


You said I had decorative taste, you said I have no orderly ways, indifferent! –  Depending on my virtue, is not this qualification enough to be the present age? Lao Yang  cannot make some invariable mark, nether borrow the foreign things, each or a batch of the work is the simple idea of Lao Yang, came from Lao Yangs acting blindly. You said I short  of the contemporary factor, I have no the contemporary language - no matter, I am "the present age!"




If you are not convinced, bite my buttocks!





It is really tired to write the foreword by self, sometime do not know about what the writing Lao Yang really is not a stuff! I thought the critic again, started to like them with the  specialty.



But I thought that, now have the viewer to comment on the pictures by themselves. If there  some one can see Lao Yang's value in the future, the pictures would be collected. Then Lao  Yang has money to buy rice, Lao Yang will invite innumerable critics, see more works of his, enjoy his feast, drink his liquor, by the end of the comment, all of them like to be busy


on writing ,which is form their hearts with a little impulse, which is free.


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