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 "User Agreement" Please carefully read the user all of the following content! If the user does not agree to any of the content of the terms of this Agreement, please do not register or use the art of Shanghai service. If users enter the registration process and check "I agree User Agreement" means that users and we have reached an agreement, the voluntary acceptance of this "User Agreement" all the contents. Thereafter, the user may not have not read the "User Agreement" the contents of any form of defense.
 1. Art Shanghai Art Shanghai service involved in the ownership of products and related intellectual property rights owned by product penetration Advertising Culture Communication Company Limited. The scope and effectiveness of this Agreement on Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Advertising penetration of all products and services, users enjoy the penetration of Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. of any single service, shall be bound by the Terms of Service. When users use our service each individual user's usage behavior as its terms of service for the individual services, as well as the penetration of Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. in the individual service bulletins issued by the consent of all kinds.

2.用户独立承担其发布内容的责任。用户承诺:不得在艺术上海的网页上或者利用艺术上海的服务制作、复制、发布、传播以下信息——违反宪法确定的基本原则的; 危害国家安全,泄露国家秘密,颠覆国家政权,破坏国家统一的; 损害国家荣誉和利益的;煽动民族仇恨、民族歧视,破坏民族团结的;破坏国家宗教政策,宣扬邪教和封建迷信的; 散布谣言,扰乱社会秩序,破坏社会稳定的;散布淫秽、色情、赌博、暴力、恐怖或者教唆犯罪的;侮辱或者诽谤他人,侵害他人合法权益的; 煽动非法集会、结社、游行、示威、聚众扰乱社会秩序的; 以非法民间组织名义活动的; 含有法律、行政法规禁止的其他内容的。
2. Independent publishing content users to assume their responsibilities. User commitment: not in the arts pages of Shanghai Art Shanghai or use the services produce, reproduce, publish, disseminate the following information - violate the basic principles established by the Constitution; endanger national security, leaking state secrets, subverts the government, undermining national unity a; harm national honor and interests; incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity; to undermine national and religious policies, promote cults and feudal superstition; spread rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability; spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror, or abetting the commission of crimes; insult or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests; incitement to unlawful assembly, association, procession, demonstration, inciting a crowd to disturb social order; to the name of the illegal activities of civil society organizations; contains laws and administrative regulations other prohibited content.

3. Users in the arts pages of Shanghai to publish information or the use of the arts in Shanghai service must also be consistent with other relevant countries and regions, the legal requirements, as well as the relevant provisions of international law.

 4. Users shall comply with all the provisions of Art in Shanghai and procedures, the user can not make a commitment to user behavior against the arts in Shanghai, including: unauthorized access to computer information networks or use the computer information network resources; without the permission of the computer information network functions to delete, modify or add to; without permission, to access the computer information network, storage, processing or transmission of data and applications to delete, modify or add to; intentionally producing and disseminating computer viruses and other destructive programs; and other hazards computer information network security; the user may not in any way interfere with the arts and Shanghai.

5. Relevant laws and regulations approved at the same time you are on your bound to comply with all applicable services, local laws, national laws and international law. Include: the NPC Standing Committee's decision on safeguarding Internet security, People's Republic of computer information system security protection regulations of the PRC Computer Information Network and the Internet Provisional Regulations on Management, Computer Information Network and the Internet security protection and management method and so on.

6. Services: Advertising penetration Culture Communication Co., Ltd. reserves subject to change or discontinue services. You agree penetration Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. the right to exercise these rights and does not require the user or a third party take any responsibility.

 Disclaimer: Some damage can lead to penetration of Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. tarnished image, so penetration of Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has already raised the possibility of such damages. Penetration of Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. for direct, indirect, incidental, special and following the damage from irresponsible, the damage from: improper use of products and services, in-line purchase of goods or similar services, online transactions, illegal use of service or the user to send the information subject to change. Penetration of Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. for services covered under the basic telecom operators, both inside and outside the mobile communications network failure, technical defects, coverage restrictions, force majeure, computer viruses, hacker attacks, user location, user shutdown or other non-Netease a matter within the scope of technical capabilities such as caused by service interruption, the user releases the content of information lost, garbled error, delay and so on responsibility.

When you register blog that agree to the terms of this Agreement and agree that penetration of Advertising Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Art exemption part of the site, so you, as all the consequences caused by the user, including: violation of the law, economic disputes, copyright, right portrait and so on, by your own commitment to the penetration power of Advertising Culture Communication Co. Ltd. and Shanghai art project created by the direct, indirect, consequential of all responsibility, we maintain a legal action against you All rights reserved.

提醒:请注意遵守中华人民共和国法律法规, 如威胁到渗透力广告文化传播有限公司及艺术上海网站生存, 将依法向有关部门报告, 同时本站的相关记录可能成为对您不利的证据。
Reminder: Please note that to comply with PRC laws and regulations, such as the penetration of a threat to advertising culture and the arts Shanghai Communication Co., Ltd. Web site to survive, will report to appropriate authorities in accordance with law, while the relevant site records may be evidence against you.

 Powered repeat: this is the name of the arts, artists, and registered users of the act shall be in maintaining the freedom, individuality, creativity, honesty and at the same time, maintain conscience and noble, which is advocated by the Shanghai art.