Tsai Chih-Rong (DINO)           

1957 Born in Taiwan Yunlin

Experiences: Director of Taipei Artist Group

Career: Director of Taipei Artist Group, Member of Taiwan Artist Association, Member of Asian Artist Association, Curator of Guo-San Art Center.



2008               National Cultural Association – Magnetic?Commensal No: 1

2008               Angel Art Gallery - Magnetic?Commensal No: 1

2008               Angel Art Gallery - Magnetic?Commensal No: 2

2008               Pacific Cultural Foundation – Contemporary curator of Taiwan

2008             A7958 Gallery – Culture Flame: Contemporary Trends of Art Exhibition by       Renowned Taiwanese Artists

2009             99Qiyi Gallery – A Exhibition of Chengdu Chongqing kunming and Taiwan    Contemporary Art

2009               National Cultural Association – New Viewpoint on Multi-Field Image: New South-West Contemporary Painting Exhibition

2009   Ever Harvest Art Gallery – HelloSave the Planet: Hundreds of Artists Contemporary Art





2009   Angel Art Gallery Solo Exhibition – Bar code Language (Ripple Effect 1)

       A7958 Art Gallery Solo Exhibition – Bar code Language (Ripple Effect 2)

2008   National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts – code Lang Dynamic Solo

       Angel Art Gallery Solo Exhibition

2007   Every Harvest Art Gallery – Code Language System Environment Dynamic

            Solo Exhibition National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

2003     Environment And Movement-Code Language System-

            Sejong Center Museum of Fine Art (Korea)

2002     Moving to the direction of a circle (Public Art at the Da-Fu park in Taipei)

The space of prisons the re-creation of art (with prisoners at two prison in Taiwan, some installations)

2000       Environment and Movement - Against the disaster (with people suffering from a landslide in north Taiwan, some installations at the Tong-Fa South Rd.)

       Park in Taipei Festival of the sky (with Taiwanese and Japanese people in

       Fukuoka, Japan, performance using many Chinese lanterns)

1998       Environment and Movement Wall Paintings and a installation with people at the mountain of Wu-Zu, Taipei

1997     Environment and Movement (Performance of people at Taipei)

1995     Information, Generation, Computer-Code

Language, an-Min Culture Center.(Taipei)

1988     The New Painting Exhibition, Taipei American Center (Taipei)

1986     Drawing Image & Symbol, the New Art Exhibition Center (Taipei) 

1985       Primitive and Motive, the First Solo Exhibition, Social Education Center (Taipei)


Group Exhibition


2009  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts—2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary art

      China Museum of Fine Art--- 2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary art

      99 Artspace--- The First Touch-Contemporary art

      Miaoli culture international sightseeing bureau—Contemporary art

      Ever Harvest Art Gallery--- Contemporary Value-A Processing History

      Taichung port district arts center

2008            Pacific Cultural Foundation Comtemporary Art Show

                    Yitong Gallery 20th Anniversary Show

2007   Angel art gallery mirroring homeward contemporary art of Formosa

2006     The 21st Asian International Art Exhibition (Singapore Art Museum)

2004     Asia Invitation Art Exhibition in Seoul 2004 (Korea)

               456Gallery (SOHO), New York Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center cork Gallery

            6 contemporary Artists from TAIWAN Blocks shifting

             Banker Museum of contemporary ART-18 Solo Exhibitions

2002     Contemporary International Art Exhibition in Veruela.(Spain)

            Artist Exhibition, Hua-Shan Art Space.(Taipei)

            Tang-Kuan University Art Center Exhibition.(Taipei)

            Exhibition of Sing-Jinan City Cultural Administration Office.(Taipei)

            Exhibition of Korea Art Museum.(Korea)

2001       The Taipei Modern Art Exhibition, Shang-Hai Art Museum.(Shang-Hai, China)

Exhibition of Xin-Zhu City Cultural Administration Office.(Xin-Zhu, Taiwan)

            The Modern Art Exhibition, Cui-Xiang Art Gallery.(Taipei)

            The Asian International Art Exhibition, Guang-Zhou Art Museum.

             (Guang-Zhou, China)

            Cheng-Ging University Art Center Exhibition.(Taiwan)

2000     The Asian International Art Exhibition.(Korea)

            Yi-Lan PrisonExhibition of the Space of the Prison.(Taiwan)

            Exhibition of Tai-Nan City Cultural Administration Office.(Taiwan)

1999     Fukuoka Asian Art Museum Exhibition.(Japan)

            Hong-Kong Guan-Fua Gallery Exhibition.(Hong-Kong)

            National Taiwan Art Education Center Exhibition.(Taipei)

            Fuji Art Museum Exhibition.(Japan)

1998     Sejong Museum of Fine Art Exhibition.(Korea)

            The Asian International Art Exhibition, Malaysia Modern Art Museum                    (Malaysia)

            Apollo Gallery Exhibition.(Taipei)

            Taipei Modern Art Exhibition, Shinsyu shinmachi City Art Museum.(Japan)

            Exhibition at the end of the century.(Taipei)

1997     Sun-Yi-Shien Memorial Hall, Modern Art Exhibition.(Taipei)

            Kinmen Social Education Hall, Painting Exhibition.(Taiwan)

The International Asian Art Exhibition, Macau Art Exhibition Center (Macau) 

1996     Hong Kong Art Center-Taipei & Hong Kong Leading Artists Exhibition.

            Taipei Hsien Culture Center-Taipei vs. Wuloomouchi.(Taipei)

            Shanhai Art Museum. Taipei Modern Art Exhibition.(Shang-Hai, Cina)

International Asian art exhibition Manila Metropolitan Art Museum (Manila)

1995     Gallery Firenze-Taipei Modern Artists Exhibition.(Taipei)

            Cwung Chen Gallery-Modern Wash Draining Exhibition of R.O.C.(Taipei)

            Taipei Painting Group-New Language Exhibition.(Taipei)

            Art Center of National Normal College.(Taipei)

            Fuchou Yusan Tang-Poetry Painting Exhibition.(Fuchou, China)

            Singapore National Museum International Art Exhibition.(Singapore)

            Taiwan Human rights Exhibition in Taipei Museum,

            Kwang Hwa Gallery.(Hong Kong)

The 9th Asian International Art Exhibition of National Museum of History (Taipei)


1993     The Art Exhibition Toward Apex of Gzen 50 Art Gallery.(Taipei)

1991     Asian International Art Exhibition.(Japan)

            Taipei Stories Depict Lives Mumorously/apporach Fully.(Taipei)

            Post-Modem Paintings Six Exhibition of Taipei Dimensions Art Gallery                   (Taipei)

1988     Contemporary Art Trends In The R.O.C., Taipei Fine Arts Museum.(Taipei)

1986     Stylish-22 Exhibition-1986, Taipei Fine Art Museum.(Taipei)

            Exhibition of Modern Paintings New Appearance in the R.O.C.,

            The National Museum of History.(Taipei)

Exhibition of New Representational Paintings, Taipei Fine Art Museum (Taipei)

            The 2nd Sino-Korean Modern Painting Exchange Exhibition,     

            Taipei Country Culture Center.(Taiwan)

            Group Show of New Painting, Chung Lee Art Hall.(Taiwan)

1985     Exhibition of Korea-Republic of China Contemporary Drawing, Prints

             Korea Kuan Sin Art Museum.(Korea)

            Chinese Present Painting Show-1985, Taipei Fine Arts Museum.(Taipei)

            The 1st Art Exhibition by Taipei painting Group,

            Domestic Art Exhibition Center.(Taipei)

1984     Chinese Modern Painting Exhibition,Taipei Fine Arts Museum. (Taipei)

1976     Allied Show of Underground Painting.(Taipei)

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